Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How To Grow Indoor Succulent Container Garden

Indoor plants have never gone out of fashion. In recent times succulents have become all the rage. Their unusual forms and myriad colors make them an interesting home accessory. Today I'll be sharing all about growing indoor succulent container garden. Here I have a complete video on how to grow and care for succulents indoors. 

1. Select A Right Pot/Container:
First, start with selecting a right pot to grow a succulent container garden. Make sure that the pot/planter should have drainage hole as succulents don't love wet soil. Having said that it is not that you can't grow succulents in a pot that doesn't have a hole. In that case, succulents will survive but they will not thrive until you know when and how to water them. I too have quite a few pots without a hole and my succulents are doing well but it is always great to have holes at the bottom of the container. 

Growing Succulents Indoors

2. Succulent Potting Mix:
The right succulent potting mix is also the key to growing healthy succulents. Well-draining soil that retains very less moisture is good for succulents. Mixing sand/gravel/perlite/pumice/tree bark/coconut fibre in the soil makes it less compact and well-draining soil. Mixing these ingredients in the soil also ensures good air flow and the soil dries out quickly. That's what succulents love. Also, don't forget to feed your succulents. Like all the other plants, succulents need food too to grow healthy and produce more colors. Mix compost in the soil and do fertilize your succulents in their growing season or every few months. 

How To Grow Succulents Indoors

3. How To Pot Succulents In The Container: 
First, put the gravel or small rocks at the bottom of the container and then fill the container with the succulent potting mix. While potting the succulents it's not necessary to leave gaps between plants. As succulents grow slowly and can be potted closely in a container. A small room is just enough for succulents to grow. Take out the succulent from the nursery pot, loosen the soil and now pot the taller or most colourful succulent in the centre if the pot is round and in one of the corners if the pot is rectangular. Now pot trailing succulents near the edges of the container and then fill in all the gaps with the rest of the succulents. You can use flowering succulents to add more colors and a bit of drama. 

How To Grow Indoor Succulent Garden

4. Watering Succulents:
Watering succulents is the most crucial and important job. Avoid using a watering can with the shower head as it will make the foliage wet which is not good for succulents. Any pot that has a spout and can direct the water stream into the soil works best for watering succulents. There is no such rule that you should water succulents once or twice a week. Water the succulents only when the soil has dried out and water them until the extra water starts to come out of the drainage hole now wait for few days and check when the soil has dried out water the succulents again. If the pot doesn't have drainage holes make sure that you are watering just the enough amount not too less and not too much. If you water them too much then excess water can accumulate at the bottom and the roots will start to rot and eventually the succulents will die. If you water them less then the leaves will start to wrinkle and become dry. 


5. Light:
Succulents love high temperature and lot of sunlight but everything in excess is always harmful. We are talking about growing succulents indoors so ideal location for them would be the one where the succulents get at least 4-6 hrs of light (not direct sunlight). Choose the succulent varieties that love bright shade like all the succulents that are green and pale can do well indoors on the other hand colourful varieties and the pokey ones with lots of spines(cacti) do well in sunlight. Succulents can bear 2-4  hrs of sunlight more than that can cause sunburn. 

How To Grow Succulents Indoors

I think I have covered almost all the important points here to grow succulent container garden indoors especially in Indian climate. For a detailed post, you have to wait for a while as I am working on it. I hope now you have all the answers and are ready to grow your own succulent container garden. If you have any queries please leave me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Do check out the video on YouTube and find all the useful links in the description box there. If you liked my vintage suitcase planter then you can buy the exact same piece online click here to buy.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Easy Ways To Incorporate Copper In Home Decor

Metals have been part of home decor for a long time. There was a time when brass, bronze and copper dominated every corner of the home but as the civilisation developed and we made progress from bronze age to iron age all these metals were replaced by iron, steel and then aluminium and now in the modern age, plastic has invaded our households. 

Copper Home Decor

I grew up in a home where brass and copper graced all the parts of the home, predominantly the kitchen. While brass can still be found in some households only as a decor piece. Copper despite having enormous useful properties is a completely forgotten metal now. In today's blog, I would like to draw your attention to the copper and wish to revive the lost charm of copper. We need to change our mindsets and should embrace this rosy gold metal in our day to day life for its goodness. Hence I am sharing some easiest ways to incorporate copper into home decor.

Copper Decor

In Indian culture, copper pots like kalash and aachmani have been used in temples and at home in ritualistic worship since ancient times because of the health benefits of this metal. But the shine of this metal from our lives is fading fast so before it is gone completely why not we all take the pledge that we will give copper its righteous place again. 

Copper Decor

Let's start with the kitchen where copper can be introduced effortlessly. Copper kettles, mugs, pitcher and tumblers are making their way into kitchens again. Hammered copper is in rage and it not only looks attractive but also enhances the thermal conductivity of the metal which in turn makes the food or drink taste even better. Mule mug is the best example of it. There are enormous ways you can incorporate copper in a kitchen. In olden days kitchen shelves full of copper vessels and utensils was a common sight. Now only plastic, non-stick and steel can be seen ruling the kitchen. Switching back to copper can bring lots of health benefits too and you know what, it has a great resale value too.
Copper containers to store food can add sheen to the kitchen shelves. People around the globe are now aware of copper's undeniable contribution to human health and have started incorporating it into home decor. Copper sink, copper backsplash and even copper countertop are making come back and of course only to make the place look even brighter and gorgeous.

Copper Decor

In my family, we make sure that we use copper tumblers to drink water throughout the day to get our daily requirement of copper. Yes, copper is micronutrient and our body needs it to stimulate the immune system, for the formation of red blood cells, metabolism of cholesterol and glucose and is also required for proper growth and development.


A broken pot with copper bottom is now serving as a succulent planter in my home. Here's an idea for you to use any copper pot as a planter and this shiny metal will definitely pop against any background no matter dark or bright. 

Copper Decor

I play around with this trendy copper planter and style it in various ways. Some days it sits pretty on the shelf and sometimes it enhances the beauty of my coffee table. 

Copper Decor
Copper Decor

Well, we don't need a large antique piece of copper to make an eye pleasing arrangement when even a small and mundane copper object can bring a sense of class and elegance. 
Another small copper pot called Aachmani, I like to use as a tealight holder sometime and the warmth and rosy glow added by copper is always so awe-inspiring. Sometimes I fill it with tiny wildflowers and sometimes it plays as a planter too. A single copper pot but I use it in many ways and every time it makes such a statement. 

Copper Decor

Let's enter the living room and see how copper can do so much here to add pizzazz. Copper is a timeless metal. Any copper pot or hammered copper vase placed on the coffee table adds the vintage appeal without compromising the modern styling. 

Copper Decor

Sometimes it is difficult for me to get the fresh flowers so fresh green leaves from my balcony garden make the vignette complete and did you notice how divine the copper and green combination is. 

Copper Decor

Think out of the box and use framed art as a tray or a base to display copper arrangement. Pair it with some lit candles, it will add to the shine and elegance of copper. Copper is the only metal after gold that can bring so much elegance and drama to the decor. 

Copper Decor

Another tip to incorporate copper into home decor is to place some glittery cushions in copper colour and witness the charm that it brings. Copper blends well with warm and cool colours so you don't need to worry about the cohesive look. Copper frames can be used to display artwork. It can create a focal point and can become quite a conversation starter piece.
Lights can bring the delicate yet noticeable change to the ambience of any place. Copper pendant lights are modish and all the rage if you wish to update the lighting in your home without going broke. Copper offers a sophisticated look to interiors. 

Copper Decor

Now take a look at my home studio. A grass tray filled with a motley crew of my copper pots and paired them with a lit candle (pair made in heaven) makes quite a statement and such is the charm added by the metal that the whole place has come to life. I wouldn't mind working extra hours here. 

Copper Decor

I have shown you some easy and doable ideas to decorate a home using very limited copper objects. A vessel can be a planter or an accent piece, a small pot can be a votive holder, vase or succulent planter, a copper bowl can be used as urli and a copper platter can hold your books or assortment of candles. Objects can be limited but imaginations and ideas are boundless. 

Copper Decor

The whole idea of putting together this blog for y'all is to make this forgotten metal our friend again. I hope you all loved the idea of using copper more in our day to day life and say goodbye to harmful metals. If you also love copper and are already using it in your home decor then please share the picture with us. We would love to see!!

In my next blog, I'll be talking all about succulents and will show you my new DIY succulent planter. So stick around and stay creative!!
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Soft Furnishings Play An Important Role In Bedroom's Decor

Namaste wonderful readers!!!
June started on a happier note. First, I am glad to share with ever growing 3D family that 
like past few years this year also our blog finds a place in the 7th edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, released on 1st June 2017. Second, my YouTube channel which is in a baby phase right now just hit the mark of 1k subscribers on 1st June. This gave me a reason to make more wonderful videos. I have shot two already and they are in the post-production phase. Soon I'll be publishing them. So if you haven't already then please consider subscribing. And third, a luxury bedding company called Aplus Linen is introducing its new collection on blogland and Design Decor & Disha is the first blog to do the honours!!

APlus Linen

Now for today's blog as I said in my previous post that I'll be talking all about beds and beddings this month, so here I'm with second in this series and I'll be sharing something about bedroom soft furnishings today and how it changes the look and feel of the bedroom. The white bed linen you see in the above picture is made of Egyptian cotton and is manufactured in Israel. Why Egyptian cotton? right!! I have the answer for you. Read on...
Today I have two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs with me Aditya Narvekar and Vinay Ghatkar, co-founders of Aplus Linen. A long conversation with Aditya over a call gave me some really important insights about soft furnishings industry in India.

Aplus Cotton Linen

Here is a tete-a-tete with Aditya:
"I am a Computer Engineer with an MS and MBA from New York University. After working in Investment Banking industry for 10 years in New York. I decided to return home to pursue my passion. The Apluslinen idea was conceived by me when I went shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets in India last year. The branded Egyptian cotton sheets were selling in excess of 8,000 with some European brands being sold for 15,000. Even at these exorbitant prices, there was very little information about the type of cotton (Egyptian, Supima) or the weave. I knew I could do better so I contacted my co-founder Vinay who is a textile engineer. Together, we researched and then finalised the type of cotton, thread count, weave type and then we travelled around the world looking for a reliable manufacturer. We avoided China because of poor quality and the chemicals being used in the manufacturing process. We finally partnered with an Israeli manufacturer who supplies major US/European brands. We visited the factory to check on the machines and processes used for quality control. They use state of art German and Italian machines for manufacturing and their quality control was top notch. For example, our floral design had a small color spread because of a broken screen which was not immediately visible but our manufacturing partners rejected the entire batch. Although it delayed our launch by a couple of weeks, we were happy that we are offering our customers the best possible quality.
Vinay is a Textile Engineer with over 10 years of experience in fabric manufacturing. We brought his years of experience in designing Aplus sheets. His technical expertise helped us differentiate between the various factories we visited in China, Italy and Israel."

Aplus Linen

As a child, I had always loved my Nani's (maternal grandmother) pristine white, super soft and comfortable cotton bedsheets. That was the most luxurious and comfortable bed that I have ever slept on and quite often I miss that comfort. I have so many cotton bedsheets in white color and I tried buying expensive ones too but never felt the same comfort. All the cotton bedsheets have some kind of roughness which is why they don't feel comfortable. Aditya told me it is because of short staple cotton which means cotton fibres are short in length and to make it longer several fibres are joined one after another that makes the thread rough. But this is not the case with Aplus Linen, long staple cotton from Egypt is used in making Aplus bedsheets which makes the bedsheets super soft and comfortable. Still, the bedsheets are not that expensive because Aplus Linen omits all the middle-men and avoids costs such as licensing fees, slotting fees to bring the luxury bed linen in the market at an affordable price. Whereas many luxury bed linen brands in the market are charging 7-8 times the cost of the manufacturing
See the image below. You will not be able to notice any roughness on the bedsheet's surface. 

Aplus Linen

Here are some more facts that Aditya told me about APlus Linen:
"Bedsheets are made of 100% Long staple Egyptian cotton. This makes our sheets more resistant to fading and pilling. Egyptian cotton gets softer with every wash.
Percale weave (one yarn over and one yarn under) is a traditional weave which is stronger than other weaves such as sateen. Percale weave leads to a soft, crispy feel with matte finish
No harmful chemicals used: Oeko-Tex certified to be free from harmful chemicals. Oeko-Tex is a German organisation which is considered the worldwide standard for chemical free textiles
300 thread count: We have used 300 thread count.With long staple Egyptian cotton, the maximum thread count is between 300-400. The sheets marketed as 800-1200 thread counts actually use poor quality short staple cotton to inflate thread count. 
Made in Israel: Aplus sheets are made in Israel by a manufacturer that supplies international brands such as Pottery Barn, Dorma, Raymond Waids. These brands sell their sheets for 7000-15000 in India."

Aplus Linen

Did I say now I feel as comfortable as I used to in my Nani's bed and of course with no compromise on modern style and elegance. The simple geometric pattern on the bedsheet adds a contemporary twist to my rather classic bedroom. Whites and greys are ruling the color palette and making my sleep sanctuary a calming and soothing retreat. I am quite happy with the premium quality of Aplus Linen's Egyptian cotton bedsheet. If you are also looking for comfort and elegance at an affordable price then check out Aplus Linen for more. Here are all the important links:
Aplus Linen Website
Aplus Linen Facebook
Aplus Linen Instagram
Aplus Linen Twitter

That's all from me today. Decorating with copper is in my mind and you will get to know more about it in my next blog. Stick around and till then find me here:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Choose Your Bedroom Furniture Right With Camabeds

Hola, dear peeps!!
Let's our bedrooms give a makeover this month.
This month I'll be talking all about beds and beddings. I have a lot of information to share with Y'all about different types of beds, mattresses and bed linens this month. Did you ever wonder if a bed can be used as a pouffe or can be converted into a recliner or a lounger or a chair and then again into a bed? Yes, such beds actually exist and can save a lot of floor space without compromising on style and comfort. I have two guests all the way from Spain who are going to talk about their newly launched online furniture store called Camabeds and let us know about latest bedroom furniture trends. 

Sofa, chair, lounger and bed (All in one)
Before we begin let me introduce this furniture brand to you. Camabeds, a part of Natasian Corporation Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 by two young and enthusiastic businessmen from Spain Fernando Villuendas and Antonio FernandezBoth of them are engaged in various ventures like solar energy, trade and even laundry and dry cleaning. India's economic growth and rising demand for high-end products are attracting lots of business owners across the globe and motivated by the same fact this duo started their business in India too. After some market research, they got to know about the need of space saving, stylish, comfortable yet affordable furniture here in India and that's when along with Kamil Pawlowicz, who is brand’s CEO, they created Camabeds to make it easy for everyone to buy great value products everywhere in India.

Furniture Store

As the word 'furniture' comes out of your mouth you can easily visualise a bulky piece laying in the room and consuming most of the space. Space crunch is a big issue if you are living in a metro city and space saving furniture becomes the necessity for your teensy apartment. A brand like Camabeds is aiming to create a furniture that doesn't take up much of the floor space and you can make most of your space. The brand offers a well-designed furniture at low cost and convertible design of the furniture makes it a great space saver which is in demand and trend as well. With all the above qualities if you get a furniture that is affordable, stylish and of the best quality then know that you have got the right furniture. Now I'll show you some latest bedroom furniture design trends and how to pick the right one. 

Roll away Beds
Rollaway Bed
If you are looking to buy single or double beds then sleek, stylish and minimal bed designs are in trend these days and these beds can easily give a quick Scandinavian makeover to any bedroom. If space constraint is your concern then wall beds, folding beds and rollaway beds are a perfect option. Simplicity is an innate part of contemporary interiors and these wall beds, folding beds and rollaway beds are meant to lend that simplicity. Imagine having an open bookshelf on the wall, a long desk below it and a bed that can roll away under the table easily because it is equipped with 360 degrees wheels, all your space problem is sorted!!

Pouffe Cum Bed

Do you need a more stylish bed that is comfortable as well as a space saver, see here is one that you can convert into recliner during the day and bed in the night. Camabeds has some beds that you can use as pouffe when you are watching TV and just want to stretch and rest your legs on something and then convert it easily into a bed when you are a sleepyhead.

Sofa Cum Bed
Kids have their own choices these days and they just don't like to compromise. Why should they!! So here are some stylish bunk beds to make your kids' sleep sanctuary fun and stylish without compromising comfort. To see the complete range of Camabeds stylish & affordable furniture check out the links below:
Website: Camabeds
Facebook Page: Camabeds

So that's all from my side today. Soon I'll be coming up with some bedroom soft furnishing ideas.
Stick around and till then find me here:

P.S. All the images are the property of Camabeds and subject to copyright. Please don't use them without their permission. Thanks!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

DIY: How To Stain Glass Jars & Bottles

I have something to tell you, 
after working hard day in and day out all through the week
 I feel exhausted. So weekends are to revive and rejuvenate my body, mind and soul.
 I never sit idle and always keep myself engaged in doing some constructive work. 
Hence I like to do DIYs on weekends and I highly recommend you all to give this thing a try at least once. It's like therapy it's not only healing but an invigorating experience too. Give yourself some time every weekend, do whatever makes you happy, enjoy that moment and then you will feel light and full of energy, ready to face the new week with lots of positivity. 

DIY how to dye glass jars and bottles

The weekend is here and if you are interested in trying some DIY this weekend then I have one for you. Watch the video tutorial below on how to stain/ dye/ tint glass jars and bottles. 

Stained glass jars and bottles are quite a versatile decor pieces. You can incorporate them into your home decor in many ways. Maybe I'll share all those ideas soon but for now here is how these pretty bottles and jars sitting pretty on my coffee table.

How to color glass jars and bottles

DIY how to tint glass jars and bottles

Hope you all liked the video. I'll be coming up with more such videos so stay tuned!!
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