Saturday, August 19, 2017

Foyer Makeover On A Budget

The foyer is the first place that guests see when they enter into a home. It is the first place that creates a lasting impression so it should be warm and welcoming. It should be a place with personality and functionality. That's what I did in recent foyer makeover project. Check out the video below to see all the steps involved in this makeover. 

Here is a before and after picture for you all. Though I liked the previous look too but there was no light and nothing no space to toss the keys and other stuff. Also, I got bored of the same look hence this makeover!! Let me tell you this foyer makeover didn't burn a hole in my pocket but the look and feel of entryway have changed entirely.

  Before                                                 After
Foyer Makeover On Budget

When I undertake any makeover project first I pay attention to the functionality of the space and then lighting and accessorizing. In this particular makeover, I changed the paint on the wall, Instead of artwork or mirror, I created clay work that is kind of permanent (until I decide to do makeover again) and to put some random stuff and decor accents I installed a beautifully carved wooden wall shelf. 
The total cost of this makeover is given in above video with the cost breakdown and all the links to buy products that I used in this makeover. 
Wall shelf can now serve as a center stage where I can display various decor accents and can change the look of this space effortlessly. Here are some more images to prove my point.

Foyer Makeover on budget

I chose glowing rust color for the wall. Bodhi tree or call it a tree of life has been created using air drying clay and tiny mirrors are serving as leaves. Turquoise Buddha bust pops beautifully against glowing rust wall and greens just add the cheer here. 

I am happy with the end result and really looking forward to knowing what do you all feel about this makeover. 
There will be a talented guest on 3D in my next blog so stay tuned!! 
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wall Stories: Guest Blog By Bharti Niroula

Our "Wall Stories" series has been inspiring a lot of people and I have been receiving wonderful messages every now and then which I want to pass on to all those wonderful, creative and talented ladies who were, are and will be a part of this series. Let's have a big round of applause for all the contributors who sent me the images of their beautiful walls, inspired thousands of people and made this series a huge success!

Wall Decor

Our earlier blogs on 'Traditional Wall Decor', 'Contemporary & Eclectic Wall Decor' and 'Wall Of Masks' have become so bulky that it is a hassle to add more images in those blogs so I decided that I'll be publishing a separate blog for this series from now onwards if I receive more images from contributors. So today we have a guest with us all the way from Kuwait who will be sharing gorgeous images of beautifully done up walls and she will tell us how she did it all.

Wall Decor

First of all, let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Bharti NiroulaI have been living in Kuwait for 14 years. I have one son and two dogs. Basically, I am from Chandigarh.
I loved Design Decor & Disha...very inspiring. Every time I read your wall stories it fills my heart.

Her love for plates and masks is quite evident. I loved the eclectic style that Bharti has managed to create by putting the plates on the wall and balancing the look with the antique brass items on the shelf. Not to mention the pop of turquoise and pink is adding to the charm of the place. 

Wall Decor

This many faces wall in my living room that I recently updated.Most of the stuff is bought during my travels. It's really nice to have a few of my favorites out on the wall where I can enjoy them everyday. But my Mother has a problem with the nails everywhere, after hanging the art she is OKAY.

In the below picture, Bharti has proven that mixing and matching if done wisely can never disappoint you. Paintings, plates, masks and a hanging from different places are creating such a wonderful display of memories. Paintings of alleys are so hypnotising that can easily transport you to some another world. I am wondering how different elements from different places can create a perfect display and yet look so belonged to the place.

Wall Decor

Ever since I built my home in 2016 I’ve fallen more and more in love with home decor and styling. I find it to be such a great way to practice creativity and to make my house feel unique and comfortable to live in. Decorating my home is something I love, I don’t spend lots of time doing and redoing my rooms, just for the sake of reaching design perfection. For me, it has to be a labor of love, not an obsession. That is why I pace myself. I want my home to be truly inspired by our life, and that authenticity tends to come with time, layer by layer.

So this was it from my side. I hope you enjoyed this guest blog and found some inspirations too. I have embedded the link to Bharti's Instagram account in her name where she introduced herself. Please don't forget to check out!!
Thank you Bharti for sharing eye candy images of your walls. We loved having you on 3D.

I am doing a wall makeover so y'all please keep watching this space, I'll see you soon!!
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P.S: All the images are property of Bharti Niroula and subject to copyright. Please seek permission before using them. Thanks!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Home Tour: Rashmi Chandra

Hello Decor Enthusiasts!! 
Sometimes my decor thirsty soul craves so much to get a peek inside beautifully done up homes all around the world that I just Google and spend a considerable amount of time admiring all the efforts that home owners put in transforming a house into a home. Yes, I admit that I love to peek inside homes just to get a glimpse of "whats new here". I have been sharing Home Tours on my blog since past four years and I know you all love seeing the images of well-decorated homes. But what if I give you too the opportunity to peek inside beautiful homes!!!! Yes, I am talking about Video Home Tours. Today I am posting the first video home tour and now you can walk with the home owners as they take you through their homes. 
Click here-------------->  Video Home Tour  <--------------Click here

Video Home Tour

Links to buy home decor accessories that you see in this beautiful home have been embedded in their names in this blog and if you watch the video on YouTube then links can be found in the description box. 

Indian Home Decor

Today I am taking y'all to Gurugram(Gurgaon) to take a video tour of an elegant and pretty home of Rashmi and Manoj Chandra. I acquainted with Rashmi on Instagram as she used to tag me on stunningly beautiful images of her home that she shares everyday (thanks to her) and I knew that Rashmi has those creative skills that one needs to transform any dull space into a zippy and eye-pleasing one.
Below is the entrance to her beautiful apartment where Rashmi and her husband create memories with their two children, a daughter who's recently got a job in Bangalore and a teenage boy who studies in 11th grade. A glimpse of the entrance and you already know what to expect next.

Indian Home Decor

Below is the foyer where guests take a pause after entering the home and feel enveloped in the warmth of this space decorated by Rashmi. Hanging glass lanterns and a little glass lamp emanate warmth. Angels from Thailand are there to welcome guests. Jharokha and Brass Ganesha lamp on the other wall add an ethnic element to the decor. 

Indian Home Decor

Below is the closer shot for you to see the beautiful vignette. Rashmi shares some lovely memories with us, "When I was a kid I used to help my mom in decorating home and rearranging the furniture to make the place look more appealing. When I got married and we bought our own home, I realised the passion for home decor. My friends and relatives always say something nice whenever they visit us and those words of appreciation encourage me a lot.

Indian Home Decor

Below is the image of her living room that speaks a lot about the home owner, charming, elegant, warm and serene. Walls and furniture in subtle colors set the perfect background for the beautiful home accessories that Rashmi uses to add a pop of color. Glass candle holders and crystal flower vase on the coffee table add the touch of elegance and table runner adds the pop of red. Buddha cushions are beautifully complementing the Buddha figurine placed on the side table accompanied by a beautiful elephant lamp.  

Indian Home Decor

The gurgling sound of the water from the Lord Buddha water fountain kept in one of the corners in the living room makes the ambience so calming that one can sit and listen to the sound for a long time. Next to which are aesthetically hung these beautiful brass lotus hanging diyas. These brass lamps are show stoppers and create such a serene atmosphere. You can experience the sense of calm in the video if you watch this on YouTube. 

Indian Home Decor

Below is the dining room where the furniture in dark wood creates a statement. Rashmi loves to decorate and she admits that "Everyone loves their home but for me, my home is my lifeline. I'm so involved in it that often I forget to have food when I am cleaning and decorating my home."

Indian Home Decor

Indian Home Decor

At one end of the crockery cabinet is placed this marble temple to create a small pooja space. Her collection of brass knick-knacks is displayed on the beautiful wooden and wrought iron floating wall shelf

Indian Home Decor

Next to this is Rashmi's neat and clean kitchen. She loves clean edges. The functionality plays a major role in this space. Tinted glass bottles add a splash of color to make the space more interesting. 

Indian Home Decor

Rashmi loves to keep her space spick and span all the time and that's how she loves to spend her time. Her hard work is evident here. 

Indian Home Decor

She keeps rotating the decor. Paintings, decor accessories and furnishings in one room find a place in another room after every few weeks or months. This practice makes her home look new and fresh without even spending a penny. 

Indian Home Decor

Now let's head to the master bedroom. This is where Rashmi spends a lot of time. here is what she says about this room "I opted for subtle colors so that I feel calm and flowers are my weakness. I often buy them, they make me happy. Rajnigandha and white lilies are my favourites. Their intoxicating aroma fills the space to make the ambience more magical and serene." 

Indian Home Decor

Before you enter the room this beautiful vignette on the cabinet warms the heart. 

Indian Home Decor

Here is Rashmi's neat, tidy and beautiful bedroom.

Indian Home Decor

With some paintings in dark tone that complements the furniture, she creates a cohesive look. 

Indian Home Decor

You can see these curtains swaying in the video and can sense the gentle touch of breeze. This room is airy and well-lit, that's how it should be. 

Indian Home Decor

Here is the family room where all the family members sit and chat together for long. 

Indian Home Decor

Here is the seating space where she loves to play with colors and textures. She keeps changing the cushion covers and linen to change the entire look. In below picture, it looks so vibrant and lively with all those reds and teal.

Indian Home Decor

Now in this below picture, the same space transforms into a serene place with the use of whites and a dash of warm color. 

Indian Home Decor

Here is another view of the same space. 

Indian Home Decor

Kids' room is a simple and uncluttered space. Her kids didn't want to place anything on the bed headboard so it has been kept clear. All the achievements of the kids are proudly displayed on the ladder shelf. 

Indian Home Decor

Though Rashmi did add her touch here by hanging some beautiful string lights and a dream catcher above the headboard. 

Indian Home Decor

So we have seen all the nooks and corners of Rashmi's beautifully done up home. I hope you all enjoyed this home tour as much as you enjoyed all the previous ones. Do let her know your views in the comments and follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of eye candies. 

Stick around to know what's coming up next. Till then connect with me here:

Saturday, July 22, 2017

How To Clean Brass & Copper Quickly

Copper and Brass have made come back as the interior accent in the design world. Warm metals like copper and brass will continue to be on trend for a while. Though these metals have always been an integral part of traditional Indian decor and I have already showcased so many beautiful homes where you must have seen brass and copper embracing every corner of the home. And I know how crazy you all are about these shiny metals. 

Clean & Polish Brass Copper At Home

As a decor blogger, too often I receive a query that how to clean copper and brass quickly at home and especially after I posted a blog on "Copper Decor". So I decided to make a video and let me tell you it's not a rocket science with just one or two ingredients you can bring the shine of brass and copper back. Watch the video below for clear instructions.

In above video, I have used two different cleaners to clean and polish brass & copper, natural and commercial cleaners. First, let's understand the science behind it. Basically, we need an abrasive to clean and polish the hard surface of the metal and an acid to remove the patina/tarnish or grime. So you can use combination of salt(abrasive) + lemon(citric acid) or salt(abrasive) + vinegar(acetic acid).

Other ingredients that can be used for cleaning brass and copper are:
-Tamarind paste and salt
-Butter milk
-Pickle or

Brass And Copper Cleaning At Home

Natural Cleaner:
Salt + Lemon Juice

  • Mix both the ingredients well
  • Apply on the metal surface
  • Leave for 1 min
  • Rub either with soft cloth or scrub pad
  • Wash properly and don't forget to wipe it off with a soft cloth. 

Commercial Cleaner:
Pitambari Powder
  • Make a paste of Pitambari powder using few drops of water
  • Apply the paste on the metal surface
  • Leave it for 1 min
  • Rub either with soft cloth or scrub pad
  • Wash properly and don't forget to wipe it off with a soft cloth. 
Metal cleaned with commercial cleaners leave the surface whitish whereas if cleaned with natural cleaners it has a beautiful yellow tint. You can use different cleaners as mentioned above but steps will be the same. To polish brass, you can rub few drops of olive oil on the metal surface. Below are the links to buy products mentioned in this blog:
Buy Pitambari Powder here
Buy Copper Decor accessories here
Buy Brass Decor accessories here

Hope you found this blog helpful to keep your brass and copper sparkling clean. I am working on few more interesting blogs so stick around!!
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Home Tour: Chitra Seetharaman

A home tour after a long time and I am sure y'all will love it as much as you have loved all the previous Home Tours on 3D. Just like the tagline of 3D, the owner of this home is also on a mission to "Transforming A House Into A Home". 

Dear folks, welcome Chitra Seetharaman, who is joining us from Illinois, USA where she lives with her husband and almost two-year-old cute lil' daughter. Chitra is an Accredited Staging Professional and loves doing up homes and believe me, she has got a wonderful taste and can effortlessly transform a house into a home. She has been on my blog earlier too when she had shared her Pooja room wall for "Wall Decorating Series" on 3D. If by any chance you have missed that post then you can read it by clicking here
One more thing is that a lot of time my readers ask me that where they can buy the products that they see on my blog, so I have embedded the links where I have mentioned the name of the products. Just click the link, explore, compare and if it suits your taste then buy it. 
I wouldn't keep you waiting now. Let's take a tour of Chitra's beautiful abode as she takes us through it and explains how everything came about.

"As an Accredited Staging Professional ASP® (I am a full time IT professional, a Business and Quality Analyst to be precise but as the first step in chasing my dreams I got my accreditation in home staging beginning of this year) there is no surprise that home staging is my passion. I’ve “staged” and decorated my room/ home since I remember. Back then I’d love to dress my room up and wow my friends and family. That has since evolved and though I still play “ home dress up” I do it on a professional level. My home is an outlet to all my pent up energy. I decorate, organize and clean my home like therapy. I move furniture around and change my decor on an almost weekly basis. My family (husband and my 21-month-old daughter) has been so accommodating to all this madness ;) but  I’m sure bae thinks I’m a crazy person at times but hey I wouldn’t blame him J  
As you walk through my home you can see my love of colors and life (live plants). Each room has its own “vibe” and this theme is every changing. I follow no rules when it comes to staging my own home. I go with the flow of my heart and I love my home to a story."

The entryway to home sets the mood and gives the hint what's in store inside. Chitra knows this fact very well and has decorated her entryway in a way that everyone who visits wants to know what's to come next. 

Indian Home Decor Blog

Aptly placed Ganesha murti (idol) exudes positivity and creates a welcoming environment. The mirror behind the idol not only gives an illusion of God's aura but also reflects the light and makes the place look even brighter and bigger. To break the monotony of neutral color scheme there stands a bright, bold and beautiful blue door to greet the guests. 
"You will see Lord Ganesha greeting you as you enter our humble abode. The Ganesha was a house warming present from my maternal grandmother so he is very close to my heart."

Indian Home Decor Blog

Lush and healthy plants are there to brighten things up and to add that kick your decor needs. 

Indian Home Decor Blog

Chitra's pooja room reminds me of my grandparents' home. She has created such a divine place that just by looking at the picture one can attain inner peace. The place emits a special sense of calm. Here is what Chitra says with a great pleasure, 
"I grew up in a religious family. Having a Pooja room and praying together as a family was part of our everyday norm. I have been lucky enough to continue that tradition in my own home. I come here to reflect and rejuvenate".

Indian Decor Ideas

We are now stepping into Chitra's formal living room where she enjoys her free time. In this room, she has added a good dose of colors using colorful cushions and fresh flowers. Teal and fuchsia are used as an accent color whereas brown is used to tie together the whole setup. 
"Formal living room is the “calm” space in my house. I love playing classical solo piano or Celtic music when I sit down to relax and it's mostly (probably) right here."

Indian Home Decor Blog

"I sometimes turn on the fountain to create an ambience. This is a perfect spot to enjoy my cup of chai or read a book."

Indian Home Decor Blog

Now let's take a look inside her family room which is my favourite for many reasons one being the ikat print curtains. If you wish to buy similar ones in India then here is a link for you. I just couldn't take my eyes off these gorgeous curtains and asked Chitra to send one more image that focuses more on curtains and being the sweetest friend she clicked the image and sent to me. 
"Family room is where the action happens. We meet, greet and be merry right here. I have a little one at home so this space isn’t always organised but I love my perfectly imperfect home "

All the warm colors create a cheerful and warm ambience in the family room. Right next to the window and seating arrangement is this wall of masks that you must have seen in my "Wall Decorating Series". Chitra calls it a wanderlust wall. 
"This is my wanderlust wall. This wall is filled with our travel memories and artefacts. Each item here was handpicked to be displayed right here on this wall"

Indian Decor Ideas

Bookshelves flanking the TV unit shows her love for reading. Wooden word that spells "Home" hangs above the TV. reminds that you are in the comfort of your nice and peaceful home now forget about the rest of the world and just sit back and relax. Buddha figurines, the tree of life and other elements are there to add to the peaceful vibe. Chitra makes sure that plants and fresh flowers are always given place in every room to add life to the decor. 

At the far end of this room is a gallery wall that comprises of family pictures and happy quotes. I always believe that family portraits are like time capsule they not only bring back lots of happy memories but also fill you with joy and warm your heart.  

Right opposite to the window and seating arrangement is this whole setup that you see in below picture that looks so contemporary yet goes well with the rest of the decor in the room. This corner of Chitra's family room reminds me of my favourite interior designer Rebecca Robeson. The use of accent chair, ladder shelves and a huge painting that is binding the accent pieces together is what I love here, so contemporary, stylish and eye-pleasing. Did you notice how Chitra loves to play with patterns and textures. The pattern on the accent chair is so aesthetically balanced on the other side of the ladder shelves by hanging the metal wall decor in a similar pattern. 

Adjacent to the above wall is this area which opens up into the breakfast nook and the kitchen. Chitra's love for patterns and colors is evident and she mixes them skilfully.  

Now stand here in the breakfast nook and have a look at her family room from a different angle. Tell me what do you think! Doesn't it look so cosy yet spacious, well decorated yet functional, modern yet warm and welcoming. 

Chitra has a knack for balancing the decor. You saw her family room filled with colors and patterns and now see her dining room. Plain white and some neutral shades are ruling the place but nothing seems to be looking out of place or inappropriate. To add a dash of color here fresh tiger lilies are doing their part. Now let's see what's in the kitchen. 
"Kitchen is the heart of our home. When it comes to the kitchen, I like to keep it simple and clutter free."
I also believe that no matter you decorate it or not but the kitchen should be functional, simple and most importantly neat and sparkling clean. A basket full of fresh fruits is a perfect decor addition to the kitchen so that family members can snack on them and this will develop healthy eating habits in them.  

Below is Chitra's gorgeous dining room. Espresso furniture, window treatment and a huge artwork that ties together the look and Chitra's has given her special touch here too with the clever use of patterns. It's your work now to find out how she has matched the patterns here. Though the dining room look completes to me but here is what Chitra says, 
"Dining room is the room that inspires me to do better. This is still work in progress."

Indian Home Tour

Nursery is a clam place with muted shades and a little pop of pink. 
"I loved working on the nursery for my daughter and can’t wait to redecorate it when she outgrows it. A mixed feeling."

Now head to the guest room, don't you just love those baskets on the wall. So unusual yet so elegant. Fluffy pillows, clean and beautiful bedspread and a warm, cosy ambience what else guests need in their room. Chitra sure knows how to win hearts. 
"I am a people person and love being the hostess. This room was the first room I decorated when we moved in 3 years ago. I add some pleasing touches to this room like fresh flowers or use a lovely linen spray (Tip – Jo Malone has some amazing room/linen sprays and they last forever) to make my guests feel special and welcomed."

Peek into her bedroom and we now already know what to expect. Furniture in a dark tone and beautiful soft furnishing that complements the accent pieces in peacock blue is a beautiful amalgamation that only a person with great taste can think of. Four poster bed is, of course, a statement piece in this room and is a show stopper for sure. 

Chitra proudly says, "this is my peacock inspired room. This room is also a work in progress but I’m enjoying the process." 
Aptly placed peacock feathers on either side of the bed is such an unusual touch and I am eyeing that bird cage and carved mirror frame too. 

I have told you Chitra mixes pattern and colors masterfully and here is one more example. As the room exhibits peacock inspired decor, Chitra has chosen the drapes that not only have the shine and color like a peacock but have peacock feathers too. 
I am sure by now you must have noticed the play of geometrical patterns here. Tell me what they are :)

With this, we come to an end of this tour let's sit back and relax in Chitra's backyard for a while and then we'll go somewhere else to get inspired. 
"The backyard is my own little oasis. I am an ardent gardener. My love to nurture and grow plants has contaminated my husband too. When we got the house, the yard needed a lot of love. This is still a work in progress but we look forward to spend our time together right here every year. Plants are like babies, you give it some love and they love you right back. Instant gratification."

Indian Home Decor

Thank you so much Chitra for letting us all soak in the beauty of your amazingly done up home. What do you all think about Chitra's home. Do let her know in the comments below. Thank you all for stopping by.
I am receiving lots of requests to make videos on various topics and I have noted down and started working on a few of them. If you too have any suggestions let me know. Till then connect with me here:

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